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Multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, Liv Waters is a young, highly energetic, California based country/pop music sensation. At 21 years old, Liv Waters has already taken country music by storm. Liv Released her debut EP, “In Time” independently in the summer of 2017 full of 5 songs written entirely by Liv herself. Liv got the opportunity to feature the first single off of the ep, In Time, on a few local radio stations back in her hometown of Poughkeepsie, New York including WRWD Country and Q92 Hits. Since then, she dipped her toe in the pop realm, before finding her way back to her roots in the country/folk genre.


With over 200 self written songs, you can expect to see more of Liv Waters this spring. In her young career, Liv Waters has already shared the stage and performed with music legends Pete Seeger and Eric Paslay, and has had the opportunity to play venues such as Poughkeepsie's Historic The Chance Theater and Hall & Oates venue Daryl's House. Liv has performed on local radio stations affiliated with iHeartRadio, as well as been on multiple news stations promoting her new single. She also won a songwriting contest with Nashville’s Silverado Records with a song titled “Ain’t Nothing Merry” that was featured on the label’s Christmas Compilation Album, “A Very Nashville Christmas” 2 years in a row.


Liv Waters, singer/songwriter from a small town in upstate, NY always knew she was different. As peers dreamed of boys, white picket fences, and starting a family, Liv dreamed of singing the songs she’s been writing since age 5 up on a stage, lights pointed her way, with the audience singing back to her verbatim.


Before entering the modern music scene, Liv studied classically, learning piano at the age of 5 and clarinet at age 7. She performed her first original composition at the age of 8 at her piano recital. From then on, all of her free time was spent playing the piano and writing poems to go with the music she created. She traveled, competing in her high school marching band, Jazz band, & wind ensemble and even played in New York’s Carnage Hall at the age of 17. As she grew up though, her interest began to pivot from classical to modern music. Liv taught herself to play the guitar the summer of her Sophomore year of High School and was playing gigs at local bars before she could drink. She began writing a song a day until she graduated High School and went to College.


At the age of 18, Liv attended the State University of New York at Oneonta to study pre-med. Music was her passion, but, a part of her knew it was just a dream and soon, she would have her own bills to pay. The entire first semester, her guitar sat pushed under her dorm room bed with piles of chemistry & biology textbooks hiding in front of it. She was doing alright in school, but, with no creative outlet, Liv fell into a depression. It wasn’t until she went home for her first winter break and sat at the piano in her living room of her childhood home and began playing the keys she knew like the back of her hand that she knew that she was headed down the wrong path. 


Liv created an Instagram account for her music that Christmas and she told herself if she got to 10,000 followers, she could drop out and pursue music as a career. It was a slow start, but, the textbooks took the back left corner slot under her bed and her guitar sat out front. She began posting a 15-second video a day and a few months in, a cover of Darrius Rucker’s, Comeback Song, went viral. She made it up to 12k followers overnight and she dropped out of college to finally follow her heart. 


She moved to Nashville, TN at the age of 20 and recorded her first EP and Music video. Although, her sound wasn’t fitting into the Nashville box of music, so after a year, she moved out to California. Right away, she caught the ears of Atlantic Record’s A&R rep, Shawn Barron. She recorded her first Pop album and music video, however, after creative differences, Liv split from the record label and the album never got to see the light of day. 


She hated the hustle and traffic of LA, so, she found a small coastal town of Pismo Beach and made it home. She started bartending for income and playing locally at open mic nights as she she fell back into love with songwriting again. She adopted a local shelter puppy, Tait, and now she spends her time playing local gigs, writing music, and hiking the beautiful Central Coast. 


"Music is my life--the only thing with me through the high school drama, the highs and lows of life, fights with friends, breakups, loss, the very best and the very worst days of my life. I haven't had anything make me feel quite like I do while I am making music. An indescribable comfort and passion that I wouldn't trade for the world. I want to be that support system and role model for young girls going through the hardships of growing up, bullying, and inspire them that anything is possible if you put your mind to it."

     -Liv Waters

In Time-Liv Waters Official Music Video 
What's Left of Me by: Liv Waters Live at The Bluebird Cafe






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